Protection Dogs

K9 Unlimited Protection Dog Training Doberman

Protection Dog Training

Protection sport dog training is not the same as training a personal protection dog.  Potential attackers will not be wearing a bite sleeve or signal you before they strike. Sports have rules, a violent attack does not.  It just happens.  A personal protection dog can prevent the incident from happening and be ready if it does. In the event that one of these attacks should happen, let K9 Unlimited prepare you and your protection dog to be ready for the challenge. Our personal protection dog training is reality/scenario  based. We believe a trained personal protection dog should have a balance of obedience and protection.  Most importantly, a personal protection dog should be a friend to you and and a deterrent to criminals.  If you already have a trained personal protection dog, contact us.

Protection dogs for Sale

K9 Unlimited believes that a personal protection dog should be friendly, social, and confident, until commanded to defend you or be a deterrent to buglers.  If your dog is locked up in a crate or kennel, he cannot defend you, your family or property.  Unlike a knife or gun, a personal protection dog is a weapon that cannot be taken from you and used against you or your family.  We have protection dogs available and will further custom train them before they are ready to go home with you and your family.  Every trained protection dog K9 Unlimited sells comes with a 2-day handlers course and a maintenance training program, to ensure the quality of your dog’s training.  We only sell dogs we would own ourselves.  If you are looking for a trained protection dog and canine companion, contact us.