K9 Unlimited Decoy For Hire


We at K9 Unlimited understand the importance of a good decoy and our goal is to help your dog perform effectively and reliably.  There is a direct correlation between the quality of training and your dog’s performance. Without question, a lack of decoy skill will reflect in the performance of your dog. In order to improve the dog’s performance, an experienced decoy is needed. Champion fighters get the best possible sparring partners so he will be in top condition for his fight. Training your dog in bite work should be no different. Your K9 partner should have the best decoy or sparring partner possible. Many times,  K9 handlers will have anyone who is wiling to wear the equipment, take bites from the K9. The long terms effects of this training method typically result in a good K9 with bad habits. When training without a skilled decoy, the only one to suffer will be your dog.  A good K9 team should hope for the best, but train for the absolute worst. Although anyone can wear a bite sleeve, not everyone has the skill or experience to decoy for a police service dog. Let K9 Unlimited act as the decoy for your dogs and enhance your training experience. We will bring your dog to a higher level of confidence to endure the stress your dog may face in a “use of force” deployment. Our full time certified police canine trainers will help you and your K9 unit with all your decoying needs. We guarantee you will be able to see a significant improvement in the way your dogs work.  Hire K9 Unlimited for your decoy services so you can concentrate on handler safety and patrol tactics!!